Why choose an OFTEC/ Gas Safe registered technician?

Registered technicians are specialists who have been trained on modern, high-performance appliances. They are recognised by Government as 'Competent'.

Under the Building Regulations before a new gas or oil appliance (or even an oil storage tank) is installed or replaced a Building Notice must be obtained from the local authority. A fee is payable and the work should be inspected by the Building Control Officer.

Registered technicians are exempt from this requirement and can self-certify work for which they are registered. This saves you time and money. They can also give advice on how to improve the efficiency of your heating system and on energy saving measures suitable for your home.

Whether you are selecting a technician to give your boiler, cooker or stove its' annual service or planning a much bigger project you will want to ensure that you employ the best person for the job.

You need an experienced technician who has been trained on modern, high efficiency appliances who can give you sound advice when necessary and whom you can trust to carry out the work properly and more importantly safely.

In short you need an OFTEC / Gas Safe registered technician. There's a simple way to avoid the risk of falling victim to a 'cowboy' operator. Before you ask a technician to call enquire as to whether or not he or she is OFTEC / Gas Safe registered (and if not, why not?)

Registered technicians:

Are individually trained at an Approved Training Centre and their skills independently assessed before they can apply for registration.

Have their work inspected regularly by an official inspector.

In the case of OFTEC, technicians are re-assessed every five years to maintain their registration.

Carry an identity card confirming the type of work for which they are registered.

Have to hold appropriate insurance to work in your home.

Are able (in England and Wales) to self-certify work for which they are registered. This saves you time and money as non-registered technicians must, by law, notify Local Authority Building Control or submit plans when installing oil-fired appliances.

Will leave with you a written statement of the work they have done on your appliance, replacement parts fitted and any recommendations for work needed in the future.





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